Serious Says She's Thirsty!

NY, NY--Brooklyn Femcee Serious is back with another track dubbedthirsty. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of We Ballin Vol 1 Mixtape,THIRSTY is a song that resonates with everyone as there is one intrinsic need in mankind: the need to be satisfied.


Thirsty  is a reflection of that point in your life when you are hungry for more, but just don’t know what you need. You think you need money, someone of the opposite sex or material things, but one day you try Christ and realize that’s all you needed.


Serious takes on the role of the unsaved person in the first verse then transitions to the person who has accepted the true “living water” then the rapper speaks to the person who is on the brink of salvation, not sure about taking the step, and encourages them by switching up her style in the last verse coupled with the change in tempo created by beat makers So Fo Real/Adam Hill.  


Serious had this to say: “I get in the booth often because I want to consistently show young people and the world that we need him daily. Even Christians thirst and need to tap into the living water.”


Serious is gearing up for SAAB Tour 2014 which promises to be full of surprises.


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